4 Tips To Tell If You’re Wearing Too Much Make Up


How can you tell if you are wearing too much makeup? Do you have doubts that you are wearing too much makeup? Are your friends constantly telling you that you’re wearing way too much makeup? If these all apply to you, don’t worry! We’ve got 8 fab ways to tell if you are wearing way too much makeup and if you need to scale back a bit. We all get there, girls – trust us!


Is your skin cakey after you get done putting your makeup on ? Does it look like there is a fine layer of cake on your skin when you’re done putting on powder and foundation? That is totally one of the signs that you are wearing too much makeup and that you might just need to scale back a little bit!


What about the shade of your face? Is it different than your skin color on your neck? This is another sign that you’re wearing way too much makeup! You always want to make sure that your skin all matches and that you are blending everything super well before you go anywhere!


Does your makeup actually smudge off on everything? When you hug someone, does it rub off onto them? These are all tell-tale signs that you’re wearing way too much makeup, girls! Remember, keep it light and airy and you should be fine. Your makeup should not define you at all!


How about your eyelashes, girls? Are they super spidery and do they actually have mascara laced between the lashes? This is another sign that you could be coating your lashes in too much mascara and don’t know when to quit! Lay off the mascara for a little bit and see how you like it!


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Beauty Disasters: Broken or Chipped Nail

First things First; 

DAMAGE CONTROL At the first sign of a break,  clip or file to the broken point if possible. If it is a low tear, ‘patch it’ with a few coats of polish, followed by a topcoat. If you don’t have polish at your disposal, anchor the nail for the time being with a clear piece of Scotch Tape.

BUFF IT If polish chips post-mani, gently buff out the nick, then file in with a thin coat of the same color.

STRENGTH-TRAIN Because brittle nails tend to split more easily, applying a nourishing product, daily will add flexibility and prevent breakage. And to avoid future mishaps, REBA swears by ASU 3 week polish or  Shellac gel manicure, which resists chipping for two to three weeks

Via Marie Claire