4 Tips To Tell If You’re Wearing Too Much Make Up


How can you tell if you are wearing too much makeup? Do you have doubts that you are wearing too much makeup? Are your friends constantly telling you that you’re wearing way too much makeup? If these all apply to you, don’t worry! We’ve got 8 fab ways to tell if you are wearing way too much makeup and if you need to scale back a bit. We all get there, girls – trust us!


Is your skin cakey after you get done putting your makeup on ? Does it look like there is a fine layer of cake on your skin when you’re done putting on powder and foundation? That is totally one of the signs that you are wearing too much makeup and that you might just need to scale back a little bit!


What about the shade of your face? Is it different than your skin color on your neck? This is another sign that you’re wearing way too much makeup! You always want to make sure that your skin all matches and that you are blending everything super well before you go anywhere!


Does your makeup actually smudge off on everything? When you hug someone, does it rub off onto them? These are all tell-tale signs that you’re wearing way too much makeup, girls! Remember, keep it light and airy and you should be fine. Your makeup should not define you at all!


How about your eyelashes, girls? Are they super spidery and do they actually have mascara laced between the lashes? This is another sign that you could be coating your lashes in too much mascara and don’t know when to quit! Lay off the mascara for a little bit and see how you like it!


Winter Make Up Tricks


Really good winter makeup tricks are so hard to come by! Our industry experts have compiled winter makeup tricks that are easy to follow and that actually make sense to use in the winter. The winter time is not all about deep, dark colors and hues that you’d never be caught dead wearing in the summer time. It’s more about how you take care of your skin and how you can really bring out the beauty, even if the backdrop is all snowy white. So girls, are you ready to explore some of my makeup tricks specifically for the winter?


One of the most important winter makeup tricks that our industry experts do every day is put on an oil-free moisturizer. This will ensure that your skin stays beautiful and that you don’t get overly dry. The biggest thing that you’ve got to think about when the temperatures start to drop is your skin becoming dry and hard to cover. So moisturize, girls!

2. Light Foundation

When you are putting on your foundation in winter, make sure that the foundation is light, airy and that it covers. You don’t ever want something that is going to be super heavy, and while you might need some additional coverage, why not go with some lighter formula concealer? Just because it’s winter, don’t get into the heavy, liquid foundation!


What a lot of women do when the temperatures drop and the snow hits is stock up on heavy lip glosses. That isn’t the case this winter, girls! Drop the heavy and weighed down glosses and instead, opt for something that is light, opt for a stain or even just some chapstick!


Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean that you have to dress all in dark – or do your makeup in dark colors! Ladies, this season, you need to skip all of the dark hues. Instead, opt for something that is lighter, something that is a little more colorful and will make you pop!


mascara is extremely in this winter ! This winter makeup trick is all about adding in at least two coats of mascara. Be careful though, you don’t want to get any spider lashes, so instead of letting it dry, just keep adding mascara until your lashes are plump and long!


Want to know what blushes are in this season? This winter makeup trick is all about the pinks and the peaches! Of course, blush colors depend on exactly what your skin tone is, but don’t go with anything too dark. Instead go with coral or even something with a tiny bit of orange base!

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How To



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❄ Warm a small amount of  Finishing Polish in your hands and start to direct the hair loosely across the back of the hair running a line of Goody Bobby Pins through the back of the hair, from the nape to below the crown, spraying the grips with hairspray to add a longer lasting hold.

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